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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

AZ State Fair 5K

I don't really like writing race reports too many days post the race - all the magic and memories quickly dissipate once I return to real life.  Although I would describe this specific race as more mediocre than magical.

Aside from a 5K three weeks ago, I have not done any speedwork since the beginning of August.  So, I wasn't expecting too much from this race...I just knew it was going to be a fun race because it was at the state fair.  I love the fair!  I also knew it would be a great race to distribute my SunRype bars, since there would be a lot of kids and people like this:

The race was at 8 a.m. and the fair opens at 10.  I did my warm up around the empty fair, inspecting the rides and the different food offerings.

The race was only $22 and you received four passes to the fair.  Each pass is worth $10 so it's almost like they pay you to do the race.  I will be bringing my kids next weekend but one thing is for sure - we won't be eating!   An ice cream cone, the size you get at McDonalds for $1, cost FIVE DOLLARS.

I could tell during my warm up that it was not going to be my best day.  But it was a free race so I was just going to go with it and enjoy it.

I was disappointed in the course.  Aside from starting and ending at the fair, it was very boring.  And there was wind.  We know I hate wind.

My first mile was 6:02, which is a standard first mile.  Unlike my race three weeks ago, it did not feel easy.  Mile 2 was 6:05 and also did not feel easy.  Mile 3, which was in the wind, was 6:15.  Ouch.

The course was short (3.04) so my time was 18:43 but it would have really been 19:03 on an accurate course.  I came in 2nd place.

I brought home a new stuffed animal.
His name is Dos Ajos for obvious reasons.

Our previous Panda only had one eye:

And, I swear, I did not remove his eye for Halloween.  He has always been missing an eye.

I also did not decapitate Mr. Wonderful's head.  One day I found his body in Hayden's room.  A few days layer, his head was located in the ballpit.  

Anyway, this race reminded me that I have two upcoming races:
a duathlon in two weeks and a triathlon in four weeks.

As previously stated, I have not been doing speed work.  Nor have been been doing bricks.  Or bike rides.
I kept thinking, I don't need to worry about these races...they are not until November.

But yet here it is - the end of October.

It's not like I have not been running - I have been running a lot, with very talented, amazing and interesting people.   These people have seen things, done things and know things.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am learning things.  But alas, if you don't use your speed, you lose your speed.

After the race, there was a kids race.  This is standard and I have been waiting for the day when my kids would participate.  And by participate, I mean actually move from Point A to Point B.  I passed out fruit bars to the kids and took note that a lot of them were three years old.  There was even a two year old!  There was no reason why my kids could not do this.

Well, except one reason.
I am not sure if you have noticed, but in every recent picture of Hayden, he is wearing a pair of car sandals.  In rain or shine, he is devoted to these shoes.

And yes, they are doing yoga in Home Depot.

It is an acceptable sandal.  But not an acceptable running shoe.

I had a pair of shoes for Hayden, it was just that he refused to wear them.  With winter approaching, I knew his feet would require socks.  And I was dreading having the kid who wore socks with sandals.  Inspired by the kid race, I knew it was time to make a move.

We "lost" the car sandals.
They were not in his room, they were not in the playroom, they were not in the living room nor under the couch.  

There was a small fall festival at the nearby church and Hayden wanted to go.  But, he could not go without shoes!  Forced with the decision to stay home with no shoes or wear running shoes, he wore his running shoes.  Although reluctant at first, he was easily impressed with how easy it was to run away from me.

Luckily my camera has good zoom.  As usual, he found something gross to lick. 

The bounce house.

Different shoe, same boy.

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