So be sure when you step. You step with care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Full Blown Summer Time

I always know that summer is in full effect when:

1) I spend more money on electrolytes than a coffee addict at Starbucks
2) My internal alarm clock goes off at 4am every morning (in Arizona, we dont train less during the summer - we just train earlier).

The kids have adjusted to the summer painlessly. We slather on sunscreen with their morning diaper change. Then I say, Breakfast in the jogging stroller! and the kids run to the stroller and climb in. I am grateful that the BOB has a lot of storage options, because we bring a lot of food:


Although the heat has yet to have a negative effect on my training, it has had an effect on our day-to-day activities. The kids do get bored being inside and sometimes it's challenging to find activities.

A few things that we do -

we grocery shop:

we watch Track and Field on TV:

and we go to Costco for free samples:

I wish my kids liked water so we could go to the splash park! Hopefully in another month, they love water (as of now, its still a work in process).

The next race is Monday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I did it again.


I just have no willpower when it comes to Target.

Look at how cute they are!

On a side note, I do not recommend white apparel for a two year old.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

5k Summer Series, #2

This was a good race for me - 20:34.
It accomplished all three of my goals:
1) PACE MYSELF. Each mile was 6:38 on the nose.
2) Beat my stroller time. Admittedly, I was embarrassed I did not do this last time.
3) Win bling. Took first in my age group (out of 46)


I enjoyed the course; it was on a trail. There were a few hills but nothing major. Unfortunately, people do not understand how to start on a narrow trail. If you run slower than a 7-minute mile DO NOT START IN THE FRONT. If you run slower than a 9-minute mile, DO NOT START IN THE FRONT. And, for heavens sake, if you walk, DO NOT START IN THE FRONT. I had to spend the first half mile literally leaping over bushes because it was too crowded to run on the actual trail.

Regardless, it was a very fun race.

Now, let me address something that perhaps appears that it was intentionally overlooked: the sugar-free challenge. Yes, its over. And yes, there is a lack of updates.
The honest answer: I was sick.
The more honest answer: I quit the challenge.
I ended the challenge on Day 6. I decided that I run too many miles to deprive myself, and that I wake up at 4am too regularly to not have caffiene. I was past the point of cravings so its not like I jumped back into my old habits, but I had a diet soda and a cookie.

And then, as if my body forgot how to digest such foods, I got ill with a stomach bug. This inadvertently threw me back into the challenge, since eating became unpleasant. I spent Thursday and Friday in bed...after the stomach bug passed, I was left with a severe bout of anemia.

I started to feel like myself yesterday, and managed to get out of the house. My "outing" was a family trip to Home Depot...yes, very exciting.

I have mentioned it before, but my son has a unique fear of ceiling fans. We took the opportunity to walk down the ceiling fan isle to see how he would react. Although he was very aware of all the fans, he handled it like a champ!


Home Depot is an unusual spot to bring a princess, so did what came naturally...a photoshoot:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Challenges - Update

Today is Day 5 of the Sugar Free Challenge I keep asking myself why I am doing this - and debating quitting - but I am half way though so I am going to tough it out.

My husband just walked through the door with a fountain soda.
I LOVE fountain sodas on a hot, summer day! It's so tempting to go take a small sip.

Day 1 (Wed) - completed with no cheats except a gummy vitamin
Day 2 (Thusday) - my husband was supportive and finished off the cake that was tempting me in the fridge. I ended up eating ONE (I promise, it was only one) organic animal cracker.
Day 3 (Friday) - I made honey-mustard porkchops and green beans for dinner. This is a small cheat because of the honey (duh) but also because there is sugar in the dijon mustard. But, I did not use a lot of the sauce, nor did I eat a ton of the meal. This was way too savory to feel like cheating.
Day 4 (Saturday) - I was very hungry and so sweets sounded good but I ended up just eating a lot of fruit and nuts. I did have half of a VERY watered down sports drink (sweetened with Stevia) after a 12 mile run.
Day 5 (Sunday) - So far, no cheats. Am I pround that I made it this far? Not really. I am moreso just bitter.

On a positive note, David completed one of his large challenges - his level 2 CFA exam! When I tell people that he studying for his CFA, they often think that I mean his CPA. But no, I mean CFA. I didnt know what it was until he mentioned it, either.

To be successful, David has spent the last three months locked in the office (or hiding out at the library) to study. I have missed him very much, and so have the kids.

After the test, we picked him up and we went to celebrate at Pita Jungle. This was our first family outing in three months. The kids were absolutely ecstatic that he was with us...they would not stop climbing over him!





We will know the results of the test in 6 weeks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This blog signed up for the sugar-free challenge...10 days of no sugar or artifical sweeteners - perhaps my two favorite things in the world.
I actually signed up awhile ago but was hesitant to mention it; now, I have to be accountable.

For those of you who know me, you know that I have an intimate relationship with sugar. There was one of my most memorable acheivements - the massive oreo cookie:

And the time I went to every grocery store, accumilating a variety of free bakery cookies to create my very first cookie jar:

And then there are the hundreds of desserts that I have flirted with. I'll be honest, I typically eat three desserts a day. Yes, one per meal.

And, while we are reminiscing, lets not forget this gem!

It's 7:23 and so far the day has been a success although there certainly was enough temptation.
- donuts and pretzel M&Ms at work (2 of my favorites!!!)
- cookies, ice cream and diet cream soda at my mom's house
- free cookies AND free rice krispy treats at the grocery store
- and, at this VERY moment, my husband is sitting at the table eating cake. Without doubt, cake is my favorite food. As soon as I finish this blog entry, I am going to lock myself in the bedroom for the rest of the night.

Yes, sometimes challenges are hard, but that does not mean that we should not do them. I am experiencing some other life challenges, more complicated than simply avoiding sugar.
Is there fear of failure? Of course.
But mostly, for me, its fear of change.

So on the heels of this sugar challenge, I am also challenging myself to a life challenge. I'll be honest, there are situations that are pushing me - but the end result can be - and will be - worth it. Sometimes we need that push.

Hayden and Brenna faced a major challenge (with a push) this Memorial day weekend...the pool.

I know a lot of toddlers, if not most, inherently love the pool. Mine, however, inherently fear it. But, its Arizona and it's summer...swimming pools are a must!

Brenna upon seeing the pool:

Brenna is very observant, after she watched other kids play in the pool, she calmed down. Dont you love her swim suit? We found it at Goodwill.

Here is Hayden before. As you can see, he is quite terrified:

But 10 minutes of screaming later, he was loving it!