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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chin Stand

Life has been humdrum lately.
I'll say it:  I am bored.
Every day, be it a Monday or Sunday, is exactly the same.

I suppose this is normal when parenting young kids who crave consistency.  Every day they want to eat the same food, go to the same places and watch the same TV show.  Not only the same TV show, but the same episode.  Sometimes I go into the office to work.  Sometimes I go to my chiropractor.

I usually draw excitement from my racing but as you all can tell, it's non-existent these days.  There are a few reasons:
First, I mentally burnt out.
Next, I hurt my while practicing my coveted chin stand.
Finally, the top of foot started to hurt (most likely a pinched nerve).

After 2.5 weeks of bike rides, Master swim sessions, relentless icing, and drinking some nasty inflammatory supplement my mother gave me, I am back to pain-free, yet prudent, running.  Hood2Coast is in less than two weeks so I am teetering that fine line between staying in shape and staying un-injured.

Hood2Coast is going to be amazing - but it's not a typical race. I didn't train, nor do I have any expectations.

There is a part of me that wants to train for an upcoming triathlon, just to get that element of excitement back into my life.  But, you can't fake motivation.  You can only wait for it.

I was feeling down about my lack of progress this year, in ANYTHING - fitness related or not - but slightly uplifted after attending a mid-day yoga class over the weekend.  This is an usual thing for me to do and quite the treat.  I learned a new pose that is similar to the chin stand, but much less demanding on your back.  After failing at my chin stand goal, this gave me a small and much needed lift. Sometimes the small things make me smile the most.

I have no idea what this pose is called, but you start in an arm stand, like you are about to breakdance:

And then you tripod using your chin and your arms:

And finally you extend your legs, while still balancing on your arms, into the air!!

This kids are not impressed in the slightest.  But they wouldn't blink if I was doing backflips while juggling bananas so it doesn't put a damper on my only recent success story.  

I also get the satisfaction of crossing "chin stand" off my to-do list.


I hope Hood2Coast rekindles my relationship with running.  Although I will be sleep deprived, I think it may also be refreshing.  Even though I have whined and complained about wanting a vacation for years, I cannot remember the left time I left the state.  Maybe we just all need a break, even from the things we love the most.

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