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Friday, November 16, 2012

We've been doing things.

I've been meaning to post for the past week - I always have a thought for a new blog entry, but by the time I have am moment to sit down and write, the thought is lost in the past and no longer seems relevant.

So, what have we been doing that has kept me so busy?

Finally, the weather has cooled down enough for us to go outside in the middle of the day.  It happened overnight.  Last Wednesday, the high was 91 - certainly more suitable than 101 or 110, but still a bit warm for lunchtime frolicking.  A coldfront or something swept through and by Saturday, the high dropped to a chilly 63.  Since then, it has stabilized at a splendid 70.

The kids really like food, so there is usually a picnic involved in the things we do.  We have been having picnics all over town.  I try to pick interesting places.  For example, next to the zoo there are some very novice hiking  trails, perfect for clumsy kids.  I am not a huge hiking fan, but just like you cannot run until you can walk, You must hike before you can trail run.

A week later, we advanced to slightly more technical trails that even had a hill:
 And a downhill.

We've seen many interesting things, but nothing was more amazing than this tire:

Hayden even felt so competent in his hiking skills that he declared he no longer needed a trail to follow.

We have also been picnicking at parks and at lakes.  Yesterday we had a picnic at Tempe Town Lake and found ourselves submerged at the Ironman expo. 

Time certainly does fly when you are busy having picnics.  

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