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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our last run of 2012

Distance:  7.1 miles.
Pace:  8:30.

So, it wasn't our fastest run and it wasn't our longest run. There was a point in the beginning of the year when I knew, by instinct, that I would probably never push the stroller far nor fast again.  But, this was perhaps our most productive run.  In fact, we ran all our errands.

Our first stop was Costco for free samples:

And to pick up something from the pharmacy:

We also had our infamous lunch of pizza AND hotdogs:

Next, we ran to Walgreens to pick up some digital pictures and Christmas stuff for 50% off.  We got Christmas lights, candy canes and whatever else we could cram into our stroller.

And then finally we ran to the grocery store.  This would have been better if we had more room but we got some Christmas coffee peppermint coffee creamer for $1, yogurt and popsicles:

OK, so I understand that a play-by-play of our run is not the most exciting entry, nor am I closing out the year with a rooted deep-thought or retrospective post.  But, this run is a good summary of what our life has been like this year.

1) We ran.  I ran a lot.
2)  We went to Costco an embarrassing amount of times.
3)  We ate food.  A lot of food.  
4)  We went to the grocery store because you just don't need 20000 servings of mustard. 
5)  We bought junk because it was on sale.  I confess, when my three year old tells me that he needs to have a blue cup that lights up or My Little Pony bubble bath, I agree with him if it's under $5.

We are ending this year happy and healthy (aside from a brutal head cold) and my only resolution is to do everything possible to ensure that we are just as happy and healthy in 2013.

From a running perspective, it was good racing year, probably the result of staying uninjured.  My main accomplishments were winning the 5K summer series and placing 2nd and 3rd overall in triathlons despite my lack of swimming skills.  I don't really have any athletic goals for the next year except to continue to train my weaknesses.

This year found out Brenna has Apraxia but she has not let this stop her - both kids are flourishing in preschool and becoming little independent people.  Like right's quiet because they off playing together.  Hmmm, or because they in my room taking all my socks out of the drawer.  Or because they have discovered the boxes of Powerbars in the pantry.  Or because they found a Sharpie and are drawing imperfect circles all over the living room walls.  Or because they have turned on the bath and poured an entire bottle of bubble soap.  

And that is my queue to end this post.

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