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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kids Train, Round 1

Last time we trained, I kept things pretty simple. Run.

But then on race day, when the gun went off, the kids did the opposite of running.  They sat down.

So, this time we started off by learning the basic mechanics of racing:
- There is a start line.
- You wait on the start line, ready to run.
- You do NOT run until you hear the words, "go."
- There is a finish line.
- You run until you get to the finish line.

We started off with a very short course:

And then gradually moved the start line back:

And, similar to last year, Brenna dominated each distance.

Our next lesson was proper pacing.
We started off together so I could lead by example. They eagerly waited while sucking on lollipops.
About .4 left of a mile away from home, they removed themselves from the stroller and started to run down the street, waving their sticky, gross lollipops.   

Brenna's beautiful stride gave her an edge - but she found herself on a small segment of sidewalk:

Although I commend her for following instructions to always use a sidewalk, it was not a good racing strategy as it quickly left her stranded.   In an unexpected turn of events, Hayden took the lead!!!!!!!

Thrilled with being in front, he sprinted as fast as his little, uncoordinated legs would move:

And for the first time he crossed the finish line first.  His lollipop was now not only sweet with sugar, but sweet with victory.

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