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Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Summer Time, Part 3

Same post, different year.

In 2011, I made this post in May.
In 2012, I made this post March.

At least this year I held out until June.  Either we have had a gentle transition, I am miraculously tougher, or I was just being wussy in previous years.  Today the temperature has already hit 110 degrees.

But. the heat has yet to have a huge impact on my performance.  In fact, yesterday I went on a 10am bike ride for 1 hour and covered 21.1 miles -- perhaps my fastest ride to-date that did not happen during a race.  And then I ran and felt just fine.

It's the after-effect that has hit me the most.....that moment when you stop moving and your body starts gushing sweat.  Serious sweat.  And it does not cease until you gulp three cups of electrolyte induced ice water, stretch, eat cottage cheese, stretch again and take a bath.  And yes,  that is my post-workout routine. Only then I can finally take my shower.

I may be here patting myself on the back for being such a trouper this time around, but I can't say the adjustment has been as effortless for my kids.  For the past month, any mention of "park" or "outside" has had an adverse reaction (screaming, crying, frantically looking for a place to hide).  I've tried to help them out with hats (but they will not wear them) and sunglasses (but they will not wear them).

I've introduced the Slip-and-Slide but Hayden was not a fan.  Don't ask me how this is possible.

And so....we've returned to the gym daycare.  They seem to like it just as much/little as previously.  And just like before, I treat them to lunch afterwards.  They always tell me they are "very very hungry."  

I ask them what they want.
Hayden always says he wants eggs.
Brenna always says she does not want eggs and throws a tantrum.
Then I order them the same stuff I did years ago:  An egg burrito.

Then Brenna eats all of the eggs that she so loudly originally insisted she did not want.  

At least it's predictable and I am able to pull out a treat out of my purse and make a silent deal with Hayden by kicking his foot and looking into his eyes with slightly raised brows.  He allows me to slip the treat next to his plate, give Brenna his remaining eggs and shoves the treat into his mouth when she is not looking.

We're definitely figuring things out.  I am sure we will figure out how to handle the summer heat, too.

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