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Monday, May 27, 2013


I've been feeling a little unmotivated lately.
Not in regards to running, or even biking or swimming....just racing.  And training.

It always disappoints me how quickly I get burnt out.  While my peers continue to train for upcoming half Ironman and full Ironman races, I do a few sprint triathlons and feel the desperate need to take a break.  It's not the amount of activity that wears me down, but the amount of obligation.  I don't want to have to run or have to bike or have to swim...I want to simply do whatever I feel like doing.

Reading that last paragraph alone would make one believe that I have been tethered to a training plan,  committing each morning to a pre-determined workout, whether I liked it or not.  But I have not used a training plan in years, I just make sure I bike and swim XX amount per weeks in addition to my running.  I guess my whining stems from the weeks I don't want to bike or swim.  The weeks I want to trail run every day.  Or sleep in.  Or do yoga.

I really love to trail run.  And sleep.  And do yoga.
And sometimes, I don't feel like I get to do them enough.

Although I always aim for efficiency with any activity, hence my running errands.  I am also known to strike yoga poses anytime the situation surfaces.  Like while I am volunteering at a water-station during a race.

This explains why the kids have been spotted doing downward dog in places where you don't expect to see a butt in the air, such as the grocery store or Home Depot.

 However, we do try stick to more socially-acceptable places, like our living room:

Or backyard.  And while Brenna does have a beautiful one-leg downward dog, she can only marvel at my headstands.  (My chiropractor forbade from headstands so this photo is rather incriminating). 

Yoga is not really about balancing on your head though, it's about balancing life.  And I think that is what burns me out.  It's not really about having to go to Master's swim or ride my bike, but  doing those things on top of all that motherhood stuff.  

Someone suggested I use them as a coach (rather than a recreational track workout) and I want have to the motivation to say, ".Yes, Lets do it!"  I feel like I plateaued this year and this is perhaps the arm to help me pull me up to the next level.  On the other hand, if I cannot even handle going to Master's swim once a week without feeling overwhelmed, how can I promise more? 

I've dabbled in coaching before and I immediately had the urge to break all the rules. I've always been one to do the opposite of what I am's like yoga, something about it just feels good.


  1. That is some AMAZING flexibility in your back. How long have you been doing yoga?

    The Kidless Kronicles

  2. You were right, this totally hit home for me!

  3. I am jealous Bree! I have the worst center of gravity and doing yoga all the time doesn't help. I am a yoga failure.