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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Full Blown Summer Time

I always know that summer is in full effect when:

1) I spend more money on electrolytes than a coffee addict at Starbucks
2) My internal alarm clock goes off at 4am every morning (in Arizona, we dont train less during the summer - we just train earlier).

The kids have adjusted to the summer painlessly. We slather on sunscreen with their morning diaper change. Then I say, Breakfast in the jogging stroller! and the kids run to the stroller and climb in. I am grateful that the BOB has a lot of storage options, because we bring a lot of food:


Although the heat has yet to have a negative effect on my training, it has had an effect on our day-to-day activities. The kids do get bored being inside and sometimes it's challenging to find activities.

A few things that we do -

we grocery shop:

we watch Track and Field on TV:

and we go to Costco for free samples:

I wish my kids liked water so we could go to the splash park! Hopefully in another month, they love water (as of now, its still a work in process).

The next race is Monday!

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