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Sunday, July 10, 2011

To marathon, or not to marathon

That is the question!

I am 75% sure that I am going to run the Tucson marathon at the end of the year. But, I keep wavering. It has been 4 years since I ran the Portland marathon in 2007. Since then, I have been busy having kids and decided that the triathlon was my preferred sport.

But I just have this uncontrollable itch to run the Boston marathon before I retire as a marathoner. So, I need to qualify. Qualifying, at one point, was a piece of cake...I can run a 3:40 pretty easily. Under the new standards, I need a 3:20 in order to get in. That is a lot harder.

So - the positives:
- I will get to do a bunch of long runs, which I enjoy
- I will get to experience the post-marathon high, which is something I love
- I will get to train with my friends

And - the negatives:
- I will have to put some of my other athletic goals (ie sub-20 min 5k) on the back burner. I will be able to do my September triathlon, and I will be able to squeeze in one half marathon, but that is all I can fit in. That means no more triathlons for the rest of the year.
- I dont have a good track record with marathons, they tend to lead to injuries.
- The commitment. After all, I do have a job...and you know, twins:

We've been staying busy with our usual grocery shopping, running, family outings and playing. And,
we have made some great progress in the pool. We are now to the point that they do not scream when they see the pool, nor do they cry when they go into the water.

We also have upgraded to fancy re-usable swim diapers. I like them because they look like speedos:


I think its about time to start swim lessons!

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