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Monday, July 4, 2011

5k Summer Series, #3

This "5K" was actually a 4-mile race, in honor of the 4th of July. I only learned that it was a longer race a week ago - but that allowed me to adjust my final speedwork accordingly.

I was not sure how to pace myself given the extra mile, so I went based on effort. I think I am getting this pacing thing down! The first mile was slightly downhill, so it was a bit fast (6:32). The second mile had some more downhill, so it was fast too (6:33). The course then looped around so miles 3 and 4 were uphill and slower (6:49 and 6:50 respectively). Final time = 26:41.

I did win bling, although it appears I won the wrong bling. I was awarded 1st place but apparently there was a time discrepency and I really won second. Here I am, back when I thought my bling was legit. My friend Louise also has bling. (and free Snicker Marathon bars, which makes her my bestfriend).

It doesn't really matter much to me if I won first or second since ultimately I am racing against myself; each race should be better than the last. I only have two weeks to improve until the next one.

To train for these 5ks, I have been doing one interval workout and one tempo run per week. The rest of my schedule consists of a little cycling, and some jogging with my teammates, usually to a park. The other day, we ran around the lake and fed the ducks:





The babies really like ducks. In fact, I think it may be Brenna's favorite animal! (Hayden's favorite animal is the cow).

UPDATE: My medal is legit.

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