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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving Onward

Recovery from my epic fail has been rough.
Not so much mentally - that was surprisingly easy.  I guess I still ask myself, What the hell were you thinking going out so fast??  But it really didn't feel  that fast in the moment.

Ahhh, living in the has brought me some of my fondest memories, yet it never fails to leave me its mark on me the next day.  This was no different - I woke up on Sunday morning with a feeling that was eerily reminiscent of my Sunday mornings in college.  Lets just say that I lived in the moment quite often.

I think my brain is back to its state of functioning - although since having kids, "functioning" really isn't saying much.  My house is riddled with sticky notes, my phone is set with reminders and yet I still cannot remember anything.  But I am not sure I can blame the kids for that - maybe I should be blaming all those living in the moments moments.

Luckily for my brain, there is no time for spontaneous living anymore since I am too busy hanging out with these two:

You know, doing yoga with Brenna...Photobucket

and playing dressup with Hayden....

Our big adventure this week was eating hotdogs at Costco:

Yup, it is a very exciting life - we even put relish on that hot dog.  We may not live in the moment but we certainly enjoy them.

And please take note that my kids are eating a hot dog with a FORK.
We are all about fine dining.

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  1. I especially love that those forks are plastic. Fine dining, indeed!