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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Running Errands, Part 2

You know what they say:  When you have a good idea, run with it!
We decided to do that literally, since we had so much success the first time.

We've been running all over - the BOB has a lot of storage space so short of large screen televisions, we have few limitations.

 There have been a few times I wanted to dash to the grocery store, but I am unsure how frozen items would hold up during the ride back.

As mentioned earlier, Brenna has ambitiously taken over the task of putting her shoes on her feet.  To quell her of any frustrations, I have been making sure there are plenty sandals available.  A few weeks ago, Target had a sale on sandals for just $6.  I asked Brenna which pair she wanted...there was a variety of pink sandals, sparkly sandals, pink AND sparkly sandals on sale - but she turned her nose up at all of them.


She ended up picking out a pair that were $15.  But, I was okay with it because I am desperate to get her to stop wearing her brother's shoes.   I was taught to buy a size too big since kid's feet grow so fast...but unfortunately, I bought them two sizes too big.


Of course Brenna was not happy with this situation.......................................

But, like all good moms, I have a stash of emergency shoes.  You just never know when you will need a new pair of new shoes immediately.


These were also too big, but just the right amount of too big.  She has been wearing them almost every day.

Last week, we ran to Anna's Linens and Things.  David and I finally figured out that if we have more sets of bed sheets, we can do laundry less.  That is one thing about having young kids - you have a perpetual amount of laundry.  There is never a single moment in the day when you don't need to do laundry, except for those moments when you've spent all day laundering and you look in horror at the mountain of clothing, towels, sheets and mismatched socks that need to be put away.
Sometimes I pretend that I don't see the mountain of clothing (despite tripping over it numerous times a day) but ultimately that fails because a few days later, it's always still there.

Anyway, we got new sheets - they are gray.

We also have ran to Walgreens a few times.
Walgreens is one of my dirty pleasures, I can always find a reason that I need to go to Walgreens.
The kids are rather ambivalent about it.

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