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Saturday, July 28, 2012

He did it again!

It's been an entire year since this celebration, but last night we got to celebrate again!  CFA test results were posted a few days ago and David was one of the 42% of test takers to pass.  I knew he was going to pass so finding out officially was just a technicality.  

To celebrate, we went out for sushi!  We went to a small, dark, very crowded and loud restaurant and feasted on sushi rolls.  The kids and David had noodle dishes and I had a massive plate of sashimi.

We tried to get a family photo.
Getting a good photo of both kids is always a challenge, but I don't think the dark lighting did us any justice either.

The sushi was a great idea - 
until this morning.  It was 91 degrees at 5am and very humid.

Here is the thing about sweating:
Your body always wants to have equal amounts of salt and water.  If want to be able to run in the summer and not die of thirst, they key is to have a low-salt diet.  Less salt in your diet means you will need less water.
Unfortunately, sushi dripping in soy sauce, is quite salty.
And during my run, I was quite thirsty.

This may have been the most difficult run of the summer.  I managed 11.5 miles @ 7:47 so it wasn't horrible, it was just horribly uncomfortable.  When I got home, I had to hang my clothing up to dry - I probably could have squeezed enough water from them to fill the tub enough for a salt bath.  And mind you, I run in very little clothing. 

But this is just the beginning - August is when the true sweat-fest begins.

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