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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Skirt Chaser, a Family Affair

I have been looking forward to this race ever since I acquired my favorite, sun-catching, sparkling, awesome running skirt:

Aside from having the best running skirt, I had two goals for this race:
1) Not to let any boys catch me (girls have a 3 minute head start)
2) To run faster than last year.

Technically I achieved both goals - no boy caught me and my time was ONE SECOND faster than last year.

My initial response was disappointment.  Really, one second?  Out of ALL the 5Ks I have run in the past year, I was expecting something closer to 19 minutes.  However, I don't remember any of those 5Ks knocking me down as much as this one did.  I think it has to do with the 2pm start time - running fast with breakfast and lunch in my  belly just does not bode with my digestive system.  I won't get into the unpleasant details, but they were...well, unpleasant.

I think considering the mess that became my stomach, I actually did okay. And really, a 19:26, although 22 seconds slower than my last 5K time, falls within my acceptable range.  It was hot.  There were hills.  I had a stomach ache.

But, I must also say, I actually didn't feel like I was running slow.  I felt pretty solid both mentally and physically.  I think for me to run significantly better than this, I would need to run more than 40 miles a week (and do track workouts).  My problem is if I do this, I will just whine about my lack of progress on the bike and in the pool.  I do fear that in an attempt to give attention to everything, I may not be giving enough attention to anything.  I joined a tri-team in an effort to make sense to a sport that I  do not completely understand - but I will discuss that at another time.

Let's get back to the race.

I arrived early enough to get my ample warm up (three miles) on the nearby trails.  I played for a little too long - ended up running 4.5 miles, and arriving on the start line with less than three minutes to spare.  When I stopped, I realized my bib was flapping in the wind, I was hot, I was thirsty and I had lost my car key.   But when you stand with your toe on the start line, the adrenaline does a good job erasing your mind of such annoyances.

The first mile felt comfortably fast.  We ran past my dad so I told my friend to smile:

I love this picture because no one is smiling but us.  It is a running rule that I have had for a long time now - if you see a camera, pose for that camera.

3 minutes after the women started, the boys started.  After all the fast and kinda fast boys went, boys pushing double yellow jogging strollers got to start.  I can understand while attempting to recover from a such a brutal handicap, it's hard to remember the golden running rule:

While David and the kids were weaving their way through walking women in tutus, I found myself in fourth place. But somewhere in Mile 2, I was passed.  And then passed again.  I was okay with this and the goal was just not to let anyone else pass me. I also managed to stay about five seconds from the 5th place female for the rest of the race.  

The course is an out-and-back, which includes a substantial hill.  However, in a race, I barely even notice this hill.  

I have no doubt that David noticed this hill, though.  I have pushed the jogging stroller up this hill many, many is a workout.   But what goes up, must come down and 100 pounds of stroller can gain a lot of momentum.  David is on the left side here so I suspect he is passing people:

And he remembered to pose for the camera.  So did Hayden.

Even though Brenna was a bit moody and refused to wear shoes, we had a really fun time.  I love when I can incorporate my running life and my family life into one wonderful day.  It is the best of the both worlds - which is my world!! - and for that, I am so so incredibly lucky.

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