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Monday, February 4, 2013

Xterra McDowell Mountain

This was the third race in the Xterra series - and the third short course win for me.  But this was a hard race because someone (pictured below) paced our first mile at 6:07.  Mind you, it was mostly downhill, but also on a rocky trail with tight turns.   In general, I do not like to run this fast on trails because for those of us not coordinated, it is a good way to break an ankle.  Or stub a toe.

In her best shape, this would be an easy pace for this girl but she is returning back from an injury.  After this picture appeared on Facebook, I have received emails, texts, and private messages saying, "How did you beat her?"   This picture is comical since I am sandwiched between a professional Xterra racer and an elite triathlete.  Had their been a pool or bike involved, I would have been chewed and spit out.  But I am going to enjoy by two minutes of glory because I most likely will never find myself in this position again.

I drove to the race that morning with my friend, and professional athlete, while discussing something called "deliberate practice."  It usually involves a coach, or at the very least a training schedule (two things that I prefer not to use) and every workout has a reason.  My problem with this is the commitment.  If it is a swim day, you must swim.  What if you don't want to swim? This is probably why I am not a good swimmer.

I think, for now, I am okay with doing what I want - and having a lot of fun with it - even if it means not winning.  And, just enjoying those lucky moments when I do.

After our 6:07 first mile, the course started to go uphill.  It was a curvy uphill and every time we approached a corner, I thought to myself, Okay, this must be the top.... only to turn the corner and see another mile of upward trail.

I got very tired (Exhibit A).  But still managed my token pose for the camera (Exhibit B).

The next race involves a river, lots of rock, and some fancy footwork with wet shoes along the river bed.  I am hoping we won't be running any 6 minute miles through that river but I have this sneaking suspicion that it's a real possibility.  But, to look on the bright side, at least we will not have to swim through the river.  There is no swimming in trail running!

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