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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weather Woes Part Two

After nearly a solid week of lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s, it is surprising that I am complaining about the weather yet again.

I had been contemplating a reverse triathlon - but had some reservation about the short-course swim, which would require ducking under the lane line 16 times.  Sometimes the 9am masters swim is rather barren so I've had a little experience with serpentine swimming.  It was enough experience to know that I am not very good at it.

However, I also knew that I would get a good lead during the run and if I ever want to lead a triathlon, a reverse triathlon is my only option.

But then came the clouds, followed by the cold-front, which rendered the question, What the heck would I wear??   I don't even have the proper attire to run in cold weather, nonetheless run and bike and swim.  After rummaging around my closet the night before the race with only one hour left of open registration, I threw down the bright-green leg warmer I held in one hand, and the skimpy tri top I held in the other hand, and declared defeat.  Running in the cold, biking in the wind and swimming in the rain just didn't sound fun.

I was disappointed but I made the most of the situation by running with my best running friend.  Although it was chilly, it was delightful running weather.   I had no feeling other than relief that I was not biking and swimming.

When I returned home, I realized that I had enough time to take my kids to the local parade.  I quickly got everyone ready, drove to the crest of road-closure-related traffic, parked and sprinted with the BOB directly into a headwind.  Even with the headwind, we moved faster than the non-moving pace of traffic and arrived with a few minutes to spare.

In my haste to leave the house, I did not think to bring things that would increase our comfort levels in the cold and chilling winds - such as blankets.  So, the kids were cold.

I was just impressed that I grabbed their sweaters.

Once it again, it seemed that weather was going to put a damper on my plans but  I made the most of the situation by beaming with enthusiasm.  THIS PARADE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!

The parade was really not awesome.  It was boring.  Luckily, Hayden is easily amused and so he enjoyed most of it:

Brenna is more like me, after a few horses and a marching band, she had seen enough.  Luckily, someone dispersed large, heart-shape pink lollipops.  Brenna likes hearts.  And pink.

And she really likes large lollipops.....even in the cold.

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