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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes All You Can Do is Laugh, Part 2

In case you forgot: Part 1.

Grocery shopping with two toddlers in tow is simply never easy. To avoid this, one of my favorite things to do is go to the grocery store when my husband is home, or on the weekend. This way, I can bring one kid.

Everything about the experience is easier with one kid. I place the single child in the single cart seat, so that they are facing me. Instead of fighting over who holds my purse, the single child holds it without anyone stealing it.

We walk through the store and the single child has all my attention. I dont have to chase anyone, or break up any fights. No one screams. I dont have to beg anyone to be quiet.

We walk around the store and I point out things.
What color are the bananas? Yes, they are yellow!
Oooh, look at this pretty apple!
Do you know what these are? Yes, they are your sweet potatoes!

Every so often I lean forward and kiss the forehead of my single child.

Even though I know its an act, I feel like such a cool, chill, complacent mom. I never get frazzled! My single child is perfect!

But mid-week outings cannot be avoided.
We always need something.

Yesterday was the last day that Chex cereal was on sale for $2.25. I had four $1-off-2 coupons, which meant each box was $1.75. This is a good deal so off to the grocery store we go.
Update:And of course, the DAY after we rushed to that sale, three other grocery stores put Chex on even a better sale. They must conspire against me.

I park next to the cart corral. There are no double carts.
I put my son in the front seat. He screams.
I put my daughter in the basket. She screams.
I switch them. They scream.

I push my screaming kids into the store. We go directly to the cereal isle and I start selecting my 8 boxes of Chex cereal. My son climbs out of the basket and starts selecting his own boxes of cereal. He throws boxes of Raisin Bran into the cart.

My daughter wants to join in on the fun and demands out of the cart with a blood-curdling scream. She kicks her feet against the cart.

By now, my son has filled my cart up with boxes of Raisin Bran.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh, right?
And record video.

After this, my kids ran to the other side of the store, ignoring me as I called their names, and giggling in delusional delight that they think they could actually outrun me.

I buckled down the ringmaster and he quietly accepted his defeat.

And now we have a pantry full of corn, rice, wheat, cinnamon and chocolate chex.

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