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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, 2 Ways

Way #1: The Toddler Way
This way involves getting dressed up in really cute outfits and hitting the streets as soon as the sun shows the slightest start of descent. For us, that meant rolling at 5:30. We were the first trick-or-treaters - but someone has to get the party started, right?

Our first house involved a lot of confusion.
But it was justified confusion. I am sure my kids were thinking:
Why are we at this house?
Why are you making me hold this bag?
Why is this thing on my head?
I am dressed as...a what??
What is thing you want me to put in this bag?
Now what? NOW WHAT???????

But with a little coaching, they started to get the hang of it:

Brenna wanted to go inside everyone's house.
She also did not understand the concept of "Just One". Or "Just 10". Most of her candy came from one very nice neighbor's bowl:

Hayden lost interest early on.

So we invented the concept of Drive-Tru Trick Or Treating!

Once we got home, both kids abandoned their candy.
But they had fun. And we certainly have come a long way since their first Halloween:

In celebration of surviving from Halloween #1 to #3, David and I also partook in:
Way #2: The Adult Way
This way involves getting dressed up in really awesome outfits and hitting
up downtown Scottsdale at the same hour you would usually be going to bed.

Our awesome outfits involved a $5 bottle of blood, and a very over-priced nurse and Dr outfit.

Ultimately I learned that:
- I cannot stay awake past midnight
- 1 martini is enough
- Hangovers last an extra day once you become a parent

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  1. All 4 of you have the best costumes ever. I love the little pirates, They win 1st Prize.