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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Compromising with a 2-year old

I realize that there has been a break in my posting -I assure you that its not do to laziness, or lack of twins-and-triathlon related things to talk about.

We have been busy.
Primarily, busy getting dressed.

Something that should theoretically take 4 minutes took an HOUR AND 40 MINUTES the other day. How does one leave the house when it takes nearly two hours to put on a pair of shoes, pants and shirt? Well, they dont.

And it they have to, they leave like this:

And I sure the optimist inside of you assumes she has shoes on both feet.

I didnt really mind taking her place half dressed.
I didnt mind taking her running in just a diaper.

Until this happened:

People often don't realize how cold Arizona gets in the winter! A little chill doesn't bother me but it really complicated the matters. Because now not only did Brenna have to get dressed, she had to get dressed in weather appropriate clothing. This means that all her pretty pink skirts, and flowered tank tops were pulled from rotation.

I sympathized. I love pretty pink skirts, too!
So I attempted compromise.

When Brenna refused the outfit I selected each morning, I prompted her to go into her room and pick out an outfit. "Go pick out your outfit, Brenna! Show me what you want to wear today." She shows excitement about getting the responsibility of picking out her clothing - she dashes into her room with a big grin on her face.

But 20 minutes later when I check on her, I find this:

It's almost like she starts the process and then forgets what she is doing. So I sit down in the middle of her mess and start picking up items:
Do you want to wear this? I hold out a pair of black leggings.
She shakes her head no.
Do you want to wear this? I hold out a pair of jeans.
She shakes her head no.

I do this for EVERY thing she owns. And at the end, she is laughing and I am crying and we are no closer to leaving the house as we were an hour ago.

This begs the question, can you compromise with a 2-year old?

When it comes to clothing, I say no.

And, until she learns how to take that complicated sweatshirt off, I will win.

Ah, motherhood.


  1. Those pictures are priceless. Just wait until Brenna gets older. You have a whole arsenal of pictures to embarrass her with. Her time is coming.

    On the bright side, at least you'r getting it done at one time. I'm still terrified of having baby #2 and going through this stage again. I'm barely emerging from it with my sanity, and I only have one.

    As they like to say around here...bless your heart :P

  2. I love this post so much. We are in the early stages of dressing drama. Except it's 0 degrees here, so we have to deal with socks, shoes, coats, hats, etc. Sam is obsessed with socks right now and refuses to let you put pants on because they cover up the awesome socks. By the time I get him wrestled down enough to "see! The socks come out the bottom! They're still there! Weeeee socks!!!" he's already rolling around the floor bawling.

  3. I can relate to this too! The getting dressed craziness is just beginning, but it's only getting worse... :)