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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Most Annoying Purchase Ever

It's not related to twins.
It's not related to triathlons.

It may also be the most random purchase:

We can also label it the most impractical purchase too.
First, it's see-though
and Second, it's too wide to fit through the doorway.

This is definitely what Alton Brown would tag as a "Unitasker" because there is only one thing that you can possibly do with this - wear it for its intended purpose. (and in case you dont know, because its not really intuitive, you are supposed to wear it under your skirt when you go square dancing).

Do I square dance?
No I do not.

And hence why this has become the most annoying purchase ever.

David is endlessly asking me to "put it away."
The problem is, put it away where?

It takes up my entire closet.
You cannot hang it on a hanger.
And no matter how hard I try, I cannot stuff it into a drawer.

So why did I buy this thing?
I saw it a garage sale for $3 and became instantly memorized by its extreme puffiness. It's like a tutu on crack, and when you put it on and twirl around, you feel graceful and magnificent - until you get dizzy and want to puke.

And then you take it off, walk away and forget about it until David tells you to put it away.

And I am sure that half of you have already made the joke that the place this thing belongs is the trash, but I just cannot bring myself to throw it away. As much as it annoys me, every time I look at it, I fall back in love with the way it transforms me into a flower.

At least I am not the only one who appreciates it:

Hayden always understands!

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