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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Races and Resolutions

Twins: I think this is going to be a very exciting year for the twins! Hayden has been talking up a storm lately, and even putting together complete sentences. Last night, he picked up a pair of Brenna's shorts and said, "I see pink."

And, he was right. Sometimes he is right when I don't even notice he is right. For example, a few nights ago I was pulling him closer and kissing him. I asked him, "What is this?"
I was fishing for him to say, "Kiss!"

Instead, he said, "It's hot." So I repeated. Turns out, after 5 times, he was saying, "It's a HUG." And I was indeed hugging him.

This will be a big year for him with preschool and potty training. He is currently growing out of his 3T clothing so I expect him to be massive by the end of the year.

Brenna has been trying to talk and this is a child that needs to talk. She has been getting very frustrated and has a short patience. This is particularly prevalent when she is getting dressed, however the tantrums now occur over seemingly nothing.

We had success over the weekend dressing her in our adorable matching running skirts. Although she was surprisingly cooperative putting it on, she was less cooperative taking a photo.

But that is okay, we had just spent the afternoon playing outside and it was past nap time. I expected nothing less from a tired 2-year old!

Brenna will be attending a developmental preschool in just a matter of weeks. This will be the first time the twins will be separated. As a mother, and a blogger, it is a fine line to adequately share, while not over sharing. I want dont want to misrepresent out lives because its not all PRs, puppies and rainbows (although we do love seeing those things with the jogging stroller). At the same time, I dont want to encroach on Brenna's privacy. I am hoping that separating them temporarily gives Brenna the chance to relish in the success of her own accomplishments at her own pace.

The key to this will be leaving the house every day. After her wonderful day spent in matching running shirts, I attempted the next morning to dress her in a brand-new, beautiful dress. Brenna was not going to allow me to control her outfits 2 days in a row - that was pushing it.

But Hayden modeled the dress for us instead.

Triathlons: I havent pieced together my race schedule yet, although I think my first race will be on January 28th, on an arduous trail. I have not signed up for the race, nor picked my distance - my options are 4 miles or 11 miles. After that, I plan on focusing on the bike and doing some duathlons.

I dont have any specific goals for 2012, but here are the times I need to break for any PRs. It would be nice to PR in every distance:

Desert Classic Duathlon - 2:09
Olympic Distance triathlon - 2:28:5X
Half Marathon - 1:32:52
5K with stroller - 2:32
5K no stroller - 19:42
5K in summer heat - 20:09

If I feel crazy, there is always an option for a 70.3, but I dont think this year I am quite physically ready for that. Perhaps that is on the agenda for 2013!

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  1. my mom is a former speech pathologist who told me eons ago (even pre-babbling twins youtube) that she encountered more than one set of twins that needed time apart to fully develop speech and other skills. hope it is a great new journey for he!