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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Duathlon Training, Week 3

Monday - Long bike, FAIL.
I noticed that it was quite windy before I began the ride. I didn't want to ride in the wind, but I thought to myself, "real cyclists don't wuss out because of some wind."   At first, the ride was rather pleasant.  Even though it was windy, it was a cross-wind.  But as it progressed, the wind picked it up.  At one point it was so strong that I had to stop because it kept blowing me out of the bike lane.
The road has a median that is difficult to cross over so that encouraged me to go all the way to the end of the road (about 10-12 miles) so that I could turn around.  Once I turned around, I was greeted with a cloud of dust that limited visibility.

It's not safe to drive in these conditions and its really not safe to ride your bike, so I pulled over for a bit so I could think about what I should do. And then I got a flat tire, which made that decision really easy.

On a normal day, the road would be filled with cyclists kind enough to help me (this was my first flat tire so I am not experienced in changing them).  Apparently though, real cyclists check the weather report.

Anyway, I called a friend who saved me.

Tuesday -  50 minutes on the trainer, followed by 45 minutes of blind speedwork:
                      -10 min 30 seconds "fast" (5:48 pace), 6 min RI
                      -6 min 15 seconds "fast" (5:53 pace), 4 min RI
                      -4 min "fast" (5:49 pace), 90 sec RI
                      -2 min "fast" x 2 (you get it, 5:50ish = "fast")
                          -12 more minutes on trainer - one foot drills
                             -20 more minutes running, this time on hills, with 3 more minutes "fast"
Some thoughts:  I really had no idea when I took my first step out of the door what I was going to do.  That is why I like these blind workouts...there is no plan, so there are no expectations, pressure or disappointment.  But there is also no structure.  I ended each interval when I felt tired.  IF I knew that I was close to running two miles at a 5:48 pace, I would have pushed for the extra 70 seconds or so to make it two miles.  But on the other hand, I may have also told myself that I just ran my two fastest miles ever and thus too tired to do more intervals.  I would have missed out on 2 additional miles worth of fast running.

Wednesday - Long bike, FAIL #2.
This just had to with a change of plans that required me to ride my bike at home.   Riding at home means riding in a lot of traffic, not ideal when only have a certain amount of time.  Ended up doing 22 miles bricked a 3.5 mile trail run.

Thursday - 50 minute run with the stroller (6.7 miles, nothing fancy)

Friday - 13.1 miles in 1:36:02.  I didn't initially intend to do a half marathon, but when I arrived home and saw I ran 13 miles, I decided to run to the street to make it 13.1.  Although the pace is just fine, the run itself was not pleasant.  It was very windy (yet again) so I decided to play with the wind and not look at my pace.  The "game" was to take it easy in the head winds and push in the tail winds.  The problem (that I realized after-the-fact) is it's impossible to "take it easy" in a head wind that strong.  So basically I had to push the entire run.  Also, I wore socks that I never ran in before which gave me blisters, and I ate lunch beforehand which gave me a stomach ache.  I realized 45 minutes into the run that it was not feeling good, but I refused to make excuses and determined to finish what I started.
Really, I have bad runs so infrequently that I didn't know how to mentally handle it!

Saturday -  2 mile trail run, 31 mile bike ride that included 8 miles up a mountain, .5 mile trail run.  I realize .5  miles is barely worth mentioning, but a brick is a brick!  I must say, I felt wonderful for that brief 3:30 run...but I had to get home to my kids.  That is the problem with cycling - it is so time consuming!
However, I do get to ride with the most excellent of folk:

Sunday:  20 minutes on the trainer, followed by a 40ish minute run.  I did not wear a watch because this run had no training purpose - it was purely for fun!
It was a beautiful sunny day, although a touch warm - over 80 degrees.  It makes me sad to think that the days of sleeping in past 5am and running in the afternoon are coming to an end.

I also took the kids out to enjoy the day.

Perhaps it is the way her her arms are erratically flopping flaunting to her sides, but I think I see myself in Brenna.  Now, if only I could find such an adorable tutu running dress.

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