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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Did Something Right.

I was a little surprised to see that my last entry was nearly 10 days ago.  It doesn't feel as if 10 days has passed.  We have been really busy.

We are still running.  The kids have a new thing where they like to put their arms up when we run "fast".  I use the word "fast" really loosely - our avg pace these days is over 8 minutes per mile.

We are also still peeing in the potty.  This takes up a lot of our day.

There have been some frustrating days (unrelated to potty training...although, finding a large poop next to the toilet doesn't particularly help.)  "They" say that the terrible twos are nothing compared to the terrible threes, and I may just have to agree.

Brenna, despite her speech delay, has perfected a few words.  Her most common word is - "no."
Here are some of our daily conversations.

"Brenna, eat your fruit."

"Brenna, put on your shoes."

"Brenna, come inside."

"Brenna, stop poking your brother's ear!"

She is not saying "no" simply because its a word that she can say.  She is saying "no" because she is acting like a brat princess.  Dealing with her can be daunting, toggling between wondering "am I being too hard on her?"  and "am I being too easy?"

Parenting is hard.  I willfully admit that I don't know what I am doing.  
But then the other night there was a moment - it was like someone turned on a bright flashlight in a dark cave. 
In the fog of all my doubt and insecurity was the shining revelation that *I* did something right.

For many, many years I have bought a huge bag of spinach at Costco every week.  It's a lot of spinach - but it's only $5.  And so for many many years, I have had a large spinach salad with my dinner.  I love spinach.   The kids have been eating spinach for many years too - I have always mixed their applesauce with spinach puree.  They have no idea that applesauce is not supposed to be green.

At dinner, I eat salad and they eat green apple sauce.
Lately, they have been interested in my salad.  Especially Brenna, which is funny because like any typical toddler, her vegetables have the tendency to end up on the floor.

But I decided to test them and made small salads on their dinner plates.
Laugh if you must, but fewer things could have made me prouder.

Hayden really only ate his salad out of default - there was nothing else left to eat.

I didn't get too excited right away though - toddlers change their mind just as much as they pee.  However, it seems to be fact - the kids like salad!!  

It may be a small deal to most, but when dealing with three year olds, you need to relish and rejoice ALL victories - it is a matter of survival.

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