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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Belated Birthday Post

I believe that it is important to consume copious amounts of cake on your birthday. 
Preferably awesome cake, like those in the shape of inanimate objects or multi-tier custom designed cakes.

But can a novice palette of a three-year old distinguish and appreciate awesome cake? 
The answer, displayed in delight over subpar breakfast “cupcakes”, decided NO - a three-year old has no clue about the quality of cake.  

It reminds me of a horrific moment that happened many months ago at Walmart.  I was at the register feeling frustrated and flustered (my typical response to Walmart) when I glanced down to see Hayden on the dirty ground.  I started to ask, “What are you doing?” but before I could finish the question, I gasped in horror as I noticed he was LICKING THE WHEEL OF THE SHOPPING CART.  

Could there be anything worse in the world to lick?  As those behind me deemed me as the worst mother in Walmart, I determined that his taste buds must be under-developed because he had this ridiculous grin on his face suggesting that he enjoyed it.

Now, their breakfast “cupcakes” were far superior to a Walmart shopping cart wheel.  They were made out of oatmeal, pumpkin, whole wheat pastry flour, cinnamon, vanilla and blue berry syrup.  The “frosting” was an amalgamation of cauliflower puree, whipped cream cheese and honey greek yogurt.  It was garnished with a dried-fruit birthday candle.

Please note that I never said they were pretty.

I get that it sounds gross (or interesting?) but my kids were clueless.  They ate their cake in the jogging stroller because naturally, we celebrated with a run.
 See? They like it!

Nothing says a perfect birthday like cake for breakfast and a beautiful morning run.

When we got home, they requested demanded more cake.  Since each cupcake was a serving of vegetables, I obliged.

Before you feel too sorry for the kids being stuck with a cake made of vegetables, let me assure that you they did get real cupcakes, too.  I didn't even eat any of their butter-cream frosting beforehand.

And they also had stash of presents - including books, shoes and of course, a yellow car.

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