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Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 weeks to go, 1 week left

Training for this week:

Monday: 8 miles w/ 1 mile x 3 (6:24, 6:19, 6:25), 3 min RI + 2200 yard swim

Tuesday: 24 mile bike ride (19.4mph) bricked with 3.5 miles with the jogging stroller. We visited the cow. The cow is an oddly placed animal just a half a mile away. I say "oddly placed" because we dont live in a neighborhood conducive to live stock. However, once I accidentally ran down a dead-end street to find this uniquely hidden gem in the city:
Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona

Wednesday: 8.25 miles w/ 4 miles at tempo pace (7:03)+ 2300 yrd swim

Thursday: 20 minutes on trainer, followed by 20 miles outside, bricked with 3 miles. This would have been a fine workout except for I fell off my bike. I was going pretty fast (between 19-20mph) but yes, I am fine. I was able to lay my bike on the side, and walked away with just some sore hips.

Friday: 55 minute trail run (forgot to charge Garmin) + 2200 meter swim

Saturday: 12.3 mile easy run. I say "easy" loosely because my pace was 7:54. I wanted to run a little slower but there was no slowing my running partners down!

Sunday: Rest day. It was supposed to be a 37 mile bike ride with my girls, but I think yesterday's run was pushing it and that I should relax instead because I am officially IN TAPER MODE!!!!!!

My taper schedule looks roughly like this:
Monday: 25-30 mile easy bike ride
Tuesday: Mr.Coach's speedwork
Wedneday: Rest day
Thursday: Easy spin class
Friday: Easy swim
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Race!

I also will get a massage, some ART, and take a few naps.

And, just maybe, we will take a walk to visit the cow.

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