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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's that time of year again!

Well, at least in the mornings.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Yes, its the park.
Yes, this means its time for pictures of the kids in swings.
Like here and here and here.
Not that I necassarily want to fill this blog with redundant pictures, but when you are one mom, dealing with two kids, the sweet confinement of swings is a blessing.

Because when they are not confined, they are climbing.
Scottsdale, Arizona

But never the same structure, of course:
Scottsdale, Arizona

A summer growth spurt has left them with new, longer and stronger limbs. So now they can climb everything. Which creates yet another problem: Just because you can climb up, does not mean that you can climb down!
Scottsdale, Arizona

So yes...we like the swings.

And we like fall. We were getting desperate towards the end of summer...sometimes we would go to Albertsons just to walk around!

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