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Friday, September 9, 2011

We Survived!

So this week my mother (aka "G-Ma-Garden") took a vacation.

No big deal, David and I can handle the kids are own for a week. We shuffled our work schedules to make it happen.

Then David got invited on an impromptu business trip. No big deal, I am a big girl - I can handle the kids by myself for two days.

And then I woke up on Day #1.


And not, ugh, my head hurts a little sick, but oh my goodness I need to lay down right this second in a tiny ball sick.

I had to make the kids' breakfasts doing intervals:
- Slice strawberries
Recover on couch
- Peel bananas
Recover on couch
- Halve grapes
Recover on couch

But as always, the kids and I are a functioning team and I think they sensed that I was a weak player so they stepped up their game. They played independently for most of the day while I camped out on the couch. They took breaks from their playing to eat cheerios and watch Nick Jr.

I think the important thing to note here is that they did fight. Or whine. Or throw books at my face.

My kids are awesome.

I woke up on Day #2 feeling much better.
A bit weak, but eager to shower and give the kids a day that they deserved.

So we went to this place called Imagination Avenue.
My mother takes them there frequently - except she calls it The Imaginarium. And it really makes no sense to re-name something if you are going to use the name number of syllabuls anyway.

This place is basically a large room, with a bunch of play areas:

I was under the impression that you had to wear socks.
This turned out not to be true, but that is irrelevant to the story.

I dress the kids and attempt to put on socks. They have been wearing their beloved sandles for months on end - they did not want to wear socks. They screamed when I put the socks on their feet.

Luckily, I have an odd habit of going to consignment stores, buying and hoarding shoes. So, I was able to bust out some new, cool sneakers for them to wear over their socks. They liked this.

However this turned out to be a problem once we got to Imagination Ave (or The Imaginarium) and we had to take off the shoes.

Hayden was adaptable, as usual.
Brenna was pissed.

Please, dont feel *too* sorry for her. She is at this awesome play place!

We start playing.

Hayden pretends to be school teacher:

And then he pretends to be a doctor:

Meanwhile, Brenna screamed:

Hayden then did some grocery shopping:

Played with a train:

And built stuff with blocks:


Eventually I collapsed on a bench because chasing Hayden around, while dragging my screaming Brenna, was exhausting.

In my absense, Brenna realized that I was no longer paying attention to her. She stopped screaming, toddled away and started to play.

Although it got off to a rough start, I label this outing a success!

Brenna's favorite part was probably the end because she got to put her shoes back on.

David has safetly returned from his business trip and my mother is returning in a few days. I cannot wait to get back to our normal schedule!

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