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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking a "Break"

For the past four days I feel like Brenna has been pushing my buttons. It has been constant screaming over absolutely nothing! I had a few moments where I had to walk away, and I had a breaking moment which led me to cry.

Last Thusday we had a lovely mother-daughter outing to Albertsons (I normally do not shop there but they had fresh chicken breasts on sale for $1.77/pound). Let me just say, shopping with just one child is so easy. And fun! We did without the cart and I let her toddle next to me. I didnt even feel the need to hold her hand because she did not leave my side. Even as we stood in line at the register, she patiently waited while gently clutching onto my leg.

When we were leaving, she did make a dart out the door but I said, "Brenna, Wait for Mommy" and she stopped immediately. A woman walking beside me gasped, "What a good girl!!"

And she IS a good girl.
A great girl.

But then Friday rolled along...
I am not sure if she testing me, or if she is just bored, but she has not cut me any slack!

After a long morning, I put her down for her nap. One nice thing about my kids is they regularly nap 3-4 hours a day.

I hopped onto the computer to work.
I like working. But as with all jobs, some tasks are more fun than others. This particular task was not fun at all. However, in the midst of it, I smiled to myself and thought, "Ah, this is nice break."

UM, excuse me?
Since when did working become a break??
Alas, it is.
It's quiet. There is no screaming.
There are no stinky diapers that need to be changed.
There is not a toddler throwing a book in your face.
Your jaw doesnt hurt from grinding your teeth.

It's peaceful.

Work is a break from babies,
and babies are a break from work.

So how does one just take a break frrom it all?
I guess that is where running, biking and swimming play a role.

The triathlon is just five days away.

I ended my training last week with a bang:
- 110 miles of cycling
- 41 miles of running
- 2 miles of swimming

I feel confident, although my training did lack some essential swimming and bricks. However, considering I had no coaching and that I did not follow (nor refer to) any sort of training plan, I think I am in good shape.

I would have loved to have hours on the weekends to train but that is just not my life at the moment.

This beautiful screamer is, and she doesn't like it when I take a break

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