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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The ART of Healing

The combination of less mileage + Active Release Therapy + K-Tape has been very successful on my leg. My legs, perhaps, feel the best that they have felt in a long time. I think after awhile of daily running, I forget that my legs are not supposed to feel tight and sore. It doesn't hurt normal people to bend over!

Now that the inflammation is gone, I can pinpoint exactly where my actual trouble areas are. The butt pain and leg pain that I had in my left leg are completely gone! I now realize that it was actually my other leg that was giving me problems. I was over-compensating.

I am going to continue to do the Active Release Therapy,
and re-build my mileage slowly.

It's nice to have loose, limber legs. I want to keep them this way.

On Sunday, I stuck to my bike and rode at South Mountain. This ride included going up South Mountain (4000 ft elevation gain). This is the nice thing about having running friends who cycle - you dont have to completely miss out!

The rest of the week looked like this:

On Monday I ran 5 miles. And I swam!
On Tuesday I biked 21, ran 3.5
On Wedneday I ran 6 miles. And I swam again!

Next time I update this I will be in California.
This is a rarity.

And to make it even more special < whispers > I am not taking the kids!

One of the kids happens to be sick.
She woke up on Monday with a burning forehead.

Somehow we made it two years without any illness so this is new territory for me. I gave her medicine and let her eat her breakfast on the couch:

And just for the record, that banana ended up on the floor 2 seconds after that photo was taken.

Hayden enjoyed the moment because this was the first time in two years that he was able to eat breakfast without someone trying to steal his banana. Sometimes, Brenna gets so aggressive that she actually grabs the banana out of his mouth while he is chewing it.

I didn't really find having a sick child to be difficult (at least, this time). She slept in, took long naps and I let her watch a lot of TV. Like mother, like daughter, that girl loves her television.

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