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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update on my Leg #2.

My leg is feeling much better! I have been limiting my runs to 30 minutes because I dont want to injure myself. I feel really confident that I will be 100% by next week. However, I dont want to jinx myself so my fingers, legs and toes are all crossed right now.

I have been getting Active Release Therapy from my chiropractic friend. She also taped my legs so now I am very colorful and stylish:

She did advise skipping my long run this week. As much as I wanted to run with my friends, I listened to her.

Instead, I rode with my cycling group.
I am so thankful that I love to makes missing a long run so much easier.

Today, my cycling group attached to much faster cycling group. We went all the way down Pecos road at 32+mph. It was not physically challenging to go that fast because of the draft, however, I dont have a lot of drafting experience and I dont feel comfortable drafting with strangers. So, I hung onto the back of the pack and clung on like crazy. All I could think was that Mr. Bike Man would not approve of such behavior at my skill level.

When I do my long runs and my long bikes, David wakes up with the kids. He always tells me that they wake up in good moods. But something happens as soon as I walk through the door...I am always greeted with these faces:

But, a few hugs and kisses...and a lunch...and an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba...and more kisses, will usually get them in a good mood. And then they look like this instead:

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