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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Important Appointments.

So yesterday I met with a running coach.
This coach came highly recommended by some very fast friends. He is known for coaching very fast people. I, obviously, am not very fast. But I guess somewhere in the back of my head I think maybe that one day I can be?

Our conversation went like this:

Mr.Coach: So have you ever had coaching before?
Me: No.
Mr.Coach: So have you read any books? Begins listing off a bunch of books, including one about Jack Daniels...ew!
Me: No, I have never read any of those books.
Mr.Coach: Looking slightly confused - So where do you get your training plans?
Me: Training plans? Oh, I have never used a training plan.
Mr.Coach: Looking more confused - So how do you come up with your schedules?
Me: Oh, I just run what I feel like running.
Mr.Coach: Looking stunned - Really? I personally cannot imagine running like that.
Me: Shrugs - I like it.
Mr.Coach: How do you log your running?
Me: People do that?
Mr.Coach: Wow. Everyone else I work with can tell me exactly what they ran this day five years ago.
Me: Huh. That would be cool!
Mr.Coach: I have never worked with anyone "like you."

"Like me?" I really had no idea I was such an anomaly. It's not like my workouts are completely random - I know to alternate hard days and easy days. I just dont really plan out exactly what my hard days and easy days are. For example, I may wake up on a speedwork day and feel like doing 800s. Or, I may feel like doing mile repeats. Does it really matter?

Apparently, Mr.Coach thinks that it does. He said that the success I've had up to this point has either been from luck, or talent.

I am not offended by this, however I am very intrigued. So I am going to use Mr.Coach for the Womens Half Marathon. He is coming up with my training plan as I type this.

I have shifted my goal from 1:35 (taking a measly 9 seconds off my time from last year) to 1:30 (taking a whopping 5 minutes off my time). I will honestly be happy with anything in between but let's see what this so-called "training plan" can do. I will post it once I receive it.

The second appointment was to the babies' 2-year doctor visit. As usual, they behaved perfectly in the waiting room. They really like the little mini chairs. It's really really hard to get them to sit still and both look at the camera. This was the best I could do:

As expected, Hayden was big.
85% for weight.......... 90% for height

Brenna, who used to be a peanut, was not far behind.
70% for weight............70% for height

And then they each had one shot. And neither cried! Or even flinched!

And I wont lie, I may have walked out there with a few of those grape flavored tongue depressors in my purse. OK...maybe its more than a few...maybe like 30. But hey, I figure if they work for shots, they will work for tantrums.

The kids did qualify for Early Intervention since they are still not talking. This is what I was expecting, and this is what I wanted. They will send a speech therapist to our house. The kids understand everything that I say, but they wont repeat anything back.

If you ask Hayden what sound a cow makes, he will say, "moooo". That is his single word. And he is ahead of Brenna!


  1. Duh, it's natural talent that you're so fast without a plan. I'm the exact same way. (Although not fast, sadly.) I've never had a training plan. I run because I love to run.

    I'm fascinated to see how you do. Can't wait to read about it.

    Also interested to follow your EI stuff. I'm sure they'll blossom like crazy.

  2. Um. If you aren't fast, I don't know what that makes me! LOL. I had no clue you don't use a plan...I'm excited to see how it turns out for you!!!

  3. Since you are fessing up, you also took a bunch of strawberry tongue depressors. I took a few as well, but haven't used them yet.