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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Duathlon Training, Week 2

This is my peak week.  I would have preferred it to be next week but I can't fit this volume into a normal week.  Monday was a holiday and my mother watched the kids for an extra day (thanks, mom!) so I was able to do an abnormal amount.  It was a great week though - every single workout was fun.

Monday - 2 hour (and 1 minute) bike ride - hit 40 miles!  I am really pleased with that pace because the entire ride was through neighborhoods.  The time elapsed does not include idle time, but it does include all the slowing down required to cross all those intersections.  Bricked with a 25 minute run (3.4 miles).

Tuesday - 6.6 mile run w/1 mile (5:50)
                                        800 x 3 (2:56, 2:50, 2:58), .2 RI
                                        400 (1:22)
                                             bricked with 14 mile bike ride
                                                   bricked with 2 miles @ tempo (7) + one more 400 (1:23 )
-  sidenote:  I did my first mile "blind"...I thought perhaps if I didnt know my pace, I would intuitively pace myself better.  It didn't work, instead I ran my fastest mile ever.  I really need to re-learn pacing.

Wednesday - 28 mile bike easy bike ride (20.4 mph - look how easier it is to go fast when there is no wind!) bricked with 3 miles.

Thursday - 40 minute run with the babies with 16 minutes 6:35 pace.

Friday - South Mountain mock race (blind workout).  27 minute hilly trail loop, 1 hour bike ride (with hills and wind), 27 minute trail loop (same loop in reverse).  Ended up being 3.4 miles run / 19.7 mile ride / 3.4 mile run.

Saturday - Rest day!  Took a yoga class.

Sunday - 12.5 miles @ 7:17 pace.  I did most of the run with the Banditos, but once they dropped down to a 6:50 pace, I only hung on for 2 miles.  Finished the last few miles on my own (which was fine, I rarely get to listen to my music!)

It has been nice getting acquainted with my bicycle once again.
I spent 5 hours cycling (between Mon-Friday, which is a lot for me) and hit 100 miles (which is also a lot for me).
I know people who can cycle 100 miles, in 5 hours, in a single day.   But they are real cyclists.
I may be a better cyclist than I was a year ago, but at the end of the day, I am still a runner playing on bike.

On that note, I do believe that even when cycling 100 miles, training for triathlons is still 100 times easier than parenting twins.

The thing with training, be it running or biking or swimming, is that you are only need to take care of yourself.  My only responsibility is to not get hit by a car or attacked by a coyote.  And since I don't follow a schedule, I do only what I want to do.
Training is very selfish.  It's all about me.

But motherhood?  It's the complete opposite.  It's the most selfless journey that I have ever embarked on.
It doesn't matter if I am tired or frustrated or busy.  It doesn't matter if it's 2am and I am asleep dreaming about cupcakes.  Every minute of every day (except for when I am working or training) is spent keeping my kids alive, healthy and happy.
Honestly, the first two are not hard.  It's that last one that I struggle with.

They push me to my limit and they pull me in opposite directions.
At the end of a day, they make me more exhausted than any workout possibly could.

I can be cliche and say "twice the tantrums but twice the love" or brag about how many sloppy kisses I get.  But you know what is the best?  When I realize that its strangely quiet.
And I look around, and no one is tugging on my pants or throwing books at my face or jumping on the couch.
Instead, I see this:



Not only do they not need me,
they don't even want me.
And, they are happy.

It makes it all worth it.

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