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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3rd and 4th Weeks of Training, Sub-6 minute Mile

I’ve never been much of a speed demon, which is probably why I spent my pre-baby running career focusing on longer distances.  Only recently did I wake up one day and discovered that I could run a sub-6 pace.  The only time I have ran a sub-6 pace prior to this was perhaps during some random 400s, and the first  minute of a 5K.

I’ve been doing some haphazard speedwork since then (aka: What-I-Want-to-Do, When-I-Want-to-Do-It) with hesitant plans to do a 5K on February 11th.
Workout 1: 800 (2:54), 1 Mile x 2 (6:12 / 6:09), 800 (2:55)
Workout 2: 1 min “fast” (5:37 pace avg), 45 sec brisk RI x 5
                    2 min “almost fast” (5:53 avg), 90 sec brisk R1 x 3
                    3 min “less fast” (6:05)
                    2 min “5k Pace" (6:10) x 3
Workout 3: 1K x 3 @ 5K Pace, .15 RI (had to cut this short for hot yoga)
Workout 4: 1 Mile (5:54), 2 min RI
                     800 (2:58)…..and I am feeling like a stud at this point.  I recover .25, turn around to do it again in the opposite direction and BAM….headwind!  I am not talking about a crazy headwind but I clearly did my first 1.5 miles too fast, and poor little me could not handle a breeze (and yes, I realize that means I had a slight tailwind before). So instead I did 400 x 4, keeping steady at 1:32, which is my goal 5K pace.
I think, if properly trained, I could run that pace (6:10).  But because I have focused on seeing new numbers on my Garmin, really all I have done is trained myself to run 1 mile too fast – not 3.1 miles consistently and realistically "fast".  On one hand, I am happy about my first sub-6 mile. It’s worth a photo:

On the other hand, I can predict how that 5K next weekend will pan out.  I will start off too fast, run a 6:08….manage to weasle out a 6:15 for Mile 2 and then shuffle in a 6:55 minute mile for Mile 3.  That will bring me close to 20 minutes, give or take a few seconds in either direction.

I know…I know…I should simply avoid this situation by not going out too fast.  For some reason, this logic always escapes me on race day!  On race day, I often forget my limitations…until Mile 2.  Then I get a sobering reminder of who I am.

I always decide after every 5K that this distance is too short and too fast for my liking and that I will not do another one…but ah, how quickly I forget!

The babies have also had a quick turnover from their race.  After a day of recovering, they are past it and back to running.

We have also added cross-training to our repituare. Brenna has a fondness for the jump rope. She gives it a valiant effort, although it's quite a tricky sport.

Meanwhile, Hayden is discovering an inner-gymnast.

But even he has the ability to get up, he still lacks the confidence to get down:


We will work on that.

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  1. have you thought about visualization? cheesy but it could work. imagine yourself starting off steady but not too too fast, picking it up second mile, picking it up even more 3rd mile.

    damn you are speedy!