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Friday, February 17, 2012

Yes, We Still Do That

Although we are still hitting up the paved road as a dynamite triad, it's been less frequent than usual. This is partly because I have been indulging in my own fitness and partly because we have been busy doing things.  Fun things!

For example, this week we went to the train park to ride the train.


We also went on a playdate with Michael. Here he is being chivalrous and cooking a pasta meal for Brenna:

But of course he is doing it wrong. Poor boy.

I do think with potty-training looming in the foreseable future, that running will become more challenging. I am not sure that I can fit two potties in the stroller, not with all the cheerios and whatnot that we carry.

But I would love to squeeze out one more race.

We did a fartlek style run yesterday.
I find that this is the best kind of speedwork to do with the stroller because it is so random. You can stop and start each interval at your convenience - and sometimes with the stroller, you need to stop at the drop of a hat.

Or should I say at the drop of a sippie cup.

In between stopping to pick things up and cross the street (we do not jay-walk)
2012-02-16_11-50-50_501  patiently waiting...........

we did lots of intervals. The longest was 4:20 and the shortest was 2 minutes. Most were between 2:15-3:15 and our pace hovered under 6:30. We got into the low 6:20s for the shorter intervals.

A sub-20 5K, assuming the course is not long, would require a 6:25 pace. I do think that we could pull this off on the right course. But the "right" course is a tricky thing to find:
- It must be wide
- It must be paved
- It must be flat
- It must not have sharp u-turns
- It must be a small and uncompetitive race where people do not mind of we start in front

I have recently turned my focus to duathlon training - I am not sure I want to divide my focus.
But my kids love to run.

And I think they would like to do one more race.

We will talk about it.

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