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Friday, January 28, 2011

Some running, and some lunch

Since my lovely husband accidentally broke the valve stem off my tire while pumping air in it this morning, I was forced to go to the bike shop for a new tube. I saw an interesting flier for an all-girls bike race (34 miles). That could be fun! I have never done a bike race before.

It is the same weekend as the Desert Duathalon. So I must ask myself - do I want an easy race? Or do I want a hard race? Tough choice!

Wednesday's training: 45 min on my bike (on trainer) / 45 min trail run

Thursday training: Speedwork!! This is a big deal because its the first time that I have attempted to run "fast" since my last race in October. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be:
2:30 "fast" w/ 90 sec recoveries x 2
2 min "fast" w/ 1 min recoveries x 2
90 sec "fast" w/ 45 sec recoveries x 2
1 min "fast" w/ 30 sec recoveries x 2
30 sec "fast" w/ 15 sec recoveries x 2
aaah, I do love speedwork! "Fast" paces ranged from 6:30-6:49. I also swam laps for 30 minutes a few hours later.

Twins: I dropped them off at the gym daycare while I swam my laps. I go to Lifetime Fitness and they have a wonderful daycare center. The kids love it. Lifetime also has a little cafe that serves salads, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. I decided it was time for me to do something that I have never done before: take the kids out to eat all by myself.

I really try to not let the fact that I have double the kids deprive us of normal experiences. Anything that a singleton mother can do, I can do as well. It may just take more work!

As you can see, I have somewhat figured out photos.

If you are wondering, they are eating a vegetable was avocado, feta cheese, beans, sundried tomatoes, green vegetables and a corn salsa. It came with a spinach salad and fruit on the side. It is weird - if I served that meal at home they would have thrown it all on the floor. They will eat anything if it is prepared by someone else. I dont think my cooking is that bad!!

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