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Monday, January 31, 2011

Eating chocolate on a Monday morning

There is a person at work who has a huge bowl of chocolate. I just cant help myself, I always have to make at least one trip. I think its awesome that he always thanks me for taking his chocolate, as if I am doing him a favor.

Training: 430am!
40 minutes on the trainer
22 minute tempo run (7:17 pace)
20 more minutes on the trainer

Its always humbling to see your pace after a running hiatus.

Twins: The lucky tots were taking out to dinner again last night. We went to Chuys with my Dad. We do this about once a month. The babies always get a bowl of pinto beans. I always get the mesquite fish and they eat most of my fish. David got chicken fajitas and they also had a lot of his chicken.

After we finished eating, they toddled around the resturant for a little bit.

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