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Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Post!

About me:

I have 18-month year old boy/girl twins. For the past year, they have been my running partners. We have competed in a few 5k races, the fastest with a finish of 21 minutes, which placed us third in our age group! I have competed in one race without them, a half marathon in which I finished in 1:35:09. It was through the wine valley in Northern California and a beautiful race.

Unfortunately, after the race I accrued an injury on the top of my foot. Injuries are not new to me. So, I did what I always do when injured - I reached for my bike. I also re-discovered roller blading - just because I was injured did not mean the kids didnt want to go out in the stoller! Roller blading has been great fun for us.

My foot is feeling better and now I am in biking shape so it only makes sense to get back into triathalons. I dont have one picked out yet, but I will soon.

Training for today:
35 min on my bike on my trainer followed by a 75 minute run with my friend. I didnt use my Garmin so I am not sure about my pace. We talked the whole time sot it was slow - I would guess 9:15 min/miles. Its pretty nice to know that cycling and rollerblading has kept me in good enough shape to run 75 minutes with ease. Speed is easy to get back - endurance is the tough part.

Twins for today:
Its 8:49am and we have so far had multiple meltdowns and one large poop. Yay!!

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