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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Officially Training

I signed up for the Desert Duathlon on Feb 20th. It wont be a fast race with all the hills but I love hills (running and biking). It feels really good to have a commitment and a goal.

Friday's training: 20 mile bike ride @ 18.5mph. Moderate hills (Peco loop w/ 17th Ave extension). Does anyone else notice the headwind phenomenon while biking? I swear, I feel like I am always riding into a headwind but then I look at the trees and the leaves are not blowing.

The only thing worse than biking into a headwind (especially one that really exists) is roller blading with the jogging stroller into a headwind. I once made the mistake of taking the babies out on a windy day. We were attempting to roller blade up a hill into the wind and a man passed us while walking his chiwawa.

Saturday's training: 30 min on my bike (on trainer) followed by a 9.25 mile run @ 8:50min/mile pace. I ran with my friend Brian which usually makes the time fly by but we quickly ran out of things to talk about. The route was boring, it was dark most of the time, and so cold that I never felt completely warmed up. However, this is my longest run since Oct. and I am elated that I can run such distance without any pain. Next week, I am bringing music.

Twins: They both have headcolds. No fever and they seem to be pretty happy... but there is an abundance of snot and boogers going on in this house. Last night they got tired really early, so the three of us just cuddled on the couch while watching cartoons. The kids are not really into television, nor are they in to cuddling, so this was a nice treat - it was so quiet for a change.

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