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Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of Week Jan23-30 Summary

Sunday's Training: 25 mile bike ride (the big hills of Mummy Mountain). Only 16mph pace but it was hilly (and i had to stop at a lot of traffic lights to get there and back). I feel a little guilty that I did not brick this workout but I just didnt feel like running.

Training Summary for the Week:
Biking - 45 miles outside, 2 sessions on the trainer, 1 spin class
Running - 25 miles (2 trail, 1 speed, a long run)
Swimming - 1 lap swim
Weight training - 1 full body

Twins: My mother and her husband took us out last night for dinner to celebrate my husband passing his CFA. We went to this delicious resturant called Seasons 52, where they have a different menu for each season. I love the fact that I can take my toddlers out to a nice resturant like this and they behave perfectly. If you had been sitting next to us, you would have been oblivious to the fact there were two 18-month year old tots sitting by you.
They ate a garlic chicken w/ roasted red pepper flat bread, edamame, some of their dad's scallops, some of my asparagus and carrots and a lot of my mashed potatoes. (I had steak and the meat practically melted in my mouth, mmmmmm!!)

Although it was a wonderful dinner, it has been rough ever since. The kids went promptly to bed when we got home (7pm, their normal bedtime). Brenna woke up at 2am, which was unusual. My husband put her back down but she was up again at 4am. When it doubt, I blame teething so I gave her some medicine. It did nothing. She finally went back to sleep around 5:15am and slept until 7. She then woke up screaming. I changed her diaper, gave her water, and put breakfast on the table. She screamed and screamed. I ran out of options so I just let her scream. Eventually, she stopped and toddled over to the table. She sat down and ate.

She is nappping now, hopefully she wakes up in a good non-screaming mood.

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