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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Kid Beds

We moved into our current house when I was 31 weeks pregnant and on bedrest. Because of this, I never had the opportunity to create a nursery. So all this time the kids have been sleeping in relatively boring bedrooms.

Finally, 20 months into it, I finally decorated their rooms.

Yes, their rooms do include "big kid beds" but no, they do not sleep in them. They just jump on them.

Brenna loves her new room! I am a little worried that I overdid it with the pink. I am such a sucker for anything pink or princess-themed. I seriously have no control, which is why she owns 10 pairs of pink sandals. I see something pink and I just NEED to buy it. Hopefully Brenna does not mind that I am projecting my love of all things pink on to her.

Hayden's room is more gender neutral and as you can see, he is neutral about it as well.
But really, a slide and ballpit in his bedroom? He should be thrilled!

So, after the excitement from our big win, I looked at my calendar to realize that my triathlon was just weeks away. I enthusiastically went to the pool.

I swam my normal 20 minutes/1000 yards and all of a sudden it hit me for the first time: the olympic swim is 1500 meters. Folks, do you know how long it has been since I have swam that far?? And in open water, no less?

So now I am forced into doing a swim race next weekend so I can get some experience, assuming they can balance out the PH balance of the lake.

I hope that the PH balance is not fixed by May so that they just cancel the swim (like they did for a race a few weeks ago).

Swimming is lame.

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