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Friday, April 8, 2011

Stroller Session #2, and a Brick

Thursday - 8 mile w/ run with the stroller...with 4.5 miles at tempo pace (6:56)

Unlike speedwork, I dont focus on my pace when I do a tempo run. I focus on how I feel...I make sure that I am out of my comfort zone, but not hurting. I make sure that I am breathing hard, but not panting.

For those of you following our training, you know that a 6:56 pace is fast for us. Back in March,our tempo pace was 7:06.

I am wondering what my tempo pace would be *without* the stroller. I cannot remember the last time I did a tempo run without my kids. I have a feeling that I may run faster with the stroller .

Our tempo portion ended at a street we needed to cross. There was another runner waiting for the signal; we exchanged hellos. When the little walk man appeared, she darted off in front of me. There was a little headwind and I decided it was time to cool down.

We proceed at our cool down pace and it was the same pace as the girl in front of me was running. Just run comfortably behind her,I kept telling myself. After all, I was cooling down.

But after almost a mile, I just couldnt take it anymore. I HAD to pass her. So I sped up, quickly made my move and then dashed ahead. So, the last stretch of our "cool down" was a 6:23 pace.

Friday - my first brick of triathlon training!
35 mile bike ride (hills) with a 2.25 mile run. We have a storm coming in tomorrow so it was super windy. Wind + hills = hard but it was also validating because unlike last week I was actually able to move (19mph). Wind sucks, but it sucks less when your break is not rubbing against the wheel.

This storm is bringing in cooler weather and we're enjoying. After this, its going to be hot. and then hotter. and then hotter.

I actually dont mind the heat but I will miss hanging outside with the babies. They love being outside.

Today we went to the park:

We go to the park often but never stay long. It's just so nerve wracking because they love to climb everything. I always have a sense of relief when they decide they want to swing. This blog cant have too many pictures of them in swings, right?

When we were getting ready to go to the park, I asked Brenna to go get her pants. I took off her pants before her nap and they were sitting openly in the middle of the playroom. She toddled away. After a few minutes, I went to see what was taking so long and I found her in her room, looking through her clothing. She picked out a new pair of pants:

These...they are actually pajama bottoms.
Size 9 months. She is 20 months.
I think its time to clean out the drawers!

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