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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jogging Stroller Session #3 (Final)

This was a fine run but I am very uncertain about our ability to run a sub-21 minute 5k on Sunday, now that I inspected the course.

I am not entirely sure what the course is, but it includes the North side of Tempe Town Lake. Which direction, I am unsure. For today's run, we did speedwork going in both directions.

mile: 6:44 (had a headwind)
quick 30 second recovery jog
mile: 6:47 (had a headwind)
90 second recovery jog + filled up snack bowls
1.5 miles: 9:53 / 6:36 pace (tailwind)
short recovery
.15 mile uphill: 1:07 / 7:25 pace
800 x 2 (3:21 / 3:17)

The headwind was very hard. We ran at 9am, the race is at 9am..I think we need to expect a similar headwind.

My biggest concern though is that the only way to get from where the race starts, to the path by the lake, is a huge hill. Much larger than that silly .15 hill that we did. Hills slow us down soooooo much.

So, I need to expect my last mile (going from lake to the finish line) to be real slow since it will include a large hill. thus, if i want to break 21 minutes, i need a really fast first mile, like a 630. And then sustain 645 for the second mile, and keep my third mile to around 7 minutes..and then sprint back down to a 645 pace.

It will be hard.
Doable? I really have no idea.
My saving grace will be the taper. My legs were tired from Sunday's long run and yesterday's brick. Fresh legs will help.

I kind of wish that I started at the race start so I could run up/down that hill. But instead, I parked at this neat park about a 1/2 mile away from the lake...its a park comprised of all slides!

Unfortunately, Brenna did not want to go down the slides. There was a time in her life where she loved all slides, and would slide down them with no fear. But lately, she has been timid. She spent a lot of time just sitting there:

Hayden loved the slides, but he only loved going down them head first:

They also played in dirt. Dirt is awesome.

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