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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy and Me Mall Day

I heard an add for this on the radio.
Face Painting! Fashion shows! Free snacks! Arts and Crafts!
Well...none of that was happening at 10am.

The mall was bare bones when we arrived. There were a few other mothers strolling around, and a woman doing balloon animals, but other than that it was a typical day at the outlet mall.

We walked around and window shopped. I pondered important questions.
Does Brenna need sparkly Uggs?
Does Hayden need a clip-on tie?
Do I need a prom dress?

We snacked on free pretzel samples and the kids had a free sample of gelato:

We looked the puppies at the pet store and the fish at the Rain Forest Cafe:

And Brenna picked out new shoes at Payless (they were only $5). Lately, she has been very particular about her shoes and she keeps insisting to wear Hayden's old black and ugly crocks. Hopefully these shoes become her new staple instead.

After an hour of perusing the mall, we ended with lunch at Paradise Bakery. This is the second time the kids have experienced a mall foodcourt. I got them the turkey sandwich kids meal, with fruit instead of a cookie. It was very lackluster $4 sandwich.

But the lack of fixings didnt bother them as they devoured it. The meal also came with an "organic" version of GoGurt. They loved this.

Hayden loved it so much that he threw a huge tantrum when it was gone. I think he was expecting the tube to be contain an infinite amount of yogurt.
I explained to him that unfortunately, after you eat food it is gone and the meal is over. It's a hard lesson for a 2-year old who wants more GoGurt.
Luckily, he had plenty on his t-shirt, hands and face to lick off.

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