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Sunday, October 2, 2011

5 weeks left

End of week summary:

mon - 4 easy miles. I was supposed to 6 but realized that the triathlon really beat me up. Also did ART.

tuesday - 76 minute run, partly on trail. I had 8 on my schedule, but went without my garmin because I didnt want to worry about pace.

wednesday - 4 easy miles.

thursday - 8.5 miles w/ 4 x 1 mile @ 6:50. Was supposed to be 1 min RI but with the exception of the first one, my recoveries were longer for a variety of reason (potty break, crossing a street, etc). Goal is to plan better and not make short recoveries long recoveries - defeats the whole purpose of the workout!

friday - 30 min trail run (South Mountain) + 30 min swim. I was supposed to do 6 miles but i saved this workout until the afternoon - it was 101! hence the swim.

saturday - 14 miles w/ 1 min @ 6:30 x 4 in between miles 6-7.5, and then the first minute of miles 10,11,12,13 were at 6:30. But dont let a few 6:30 surges fool you, the average pace was relatively slow. I dunno, it was only 82 degrees but yet I felt hot? I also felt like I ran out of fuel so next time I am bringing emergency gels.

Sunday - 5 mile trail run (Papago).

Total: 46.5

I have to say, transitioning from multi-sport training to single sport training has been hard on me. My poor bike hasnt been touched since the race and I miss it soooo much.

I even miss swimming, can you believe that??

Truth is, multi-sport training provides more variety. more adventure. more challenge. In comparison, just running is....well...boring.

It's not that I *can't* ride my bike. In fact, my coach even included it in my schedule per my request. But two things stopped me:
1) My cycling muscles are STILL sore. The thought of riding a bike this week has made me flinch.
2) I am not currently my fastest because of bike riding. Yes, I am in great triathlon shape, but I dont have a triathlon next month. I have a half marathon. And the only way to be in better shape is to run. Time spent on the bike = less miles OR less recovery. I really cannot sacrafice either.

With all that said................

I am not the only one practicing athletic endeavours. Hayden discovered that he is now strong enough to dangle from monkey bars. He even discovered that he can get momentum and swing from them.

My little Hercules!

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