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Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Weeks Left / Race Report

End of Week Summary:

Monday: 7 trail miles @ South Mountain. I did this in the afternoon and wow, it was hot! Also the Desert Classic trail seemed extra hilly.

Tuesday: 8.3 w/ 800x7: 3:11/3:13(headwind)/3:09/3:10/3:10/3:06(tailwind)/3:11, 2minRI

Wednesday: 8 mile SS

Thursday: 9.7 miles w/ 5 miles sub-6:50, 1 min RI

Friday: 5 mile trail run (South Mountain)

Saturday: Splash and Dash (1000 meter swim, 5K run+1 mile cool down). Race report below.

Sunday: 2 hour run. I was supposed to do 16 w/ surges at 630. But I forgot my Garmin! No big deal, my friend Patty had one. So we start off with the super fast kids in town (you know, they just run sub 2:40 marathons). I stayed with them for 5 miles. I knew there was no way I was going to keep that pace up for the whole run (it was probably around 7:15) so I turn around to find Patty. And I didnt find her until the very end! So I ran on own for the rest and did some strides along the way. I mapped it at home I was under 16 miles - closer to 15. Bummer, but its still the longest I have ran since giving birth.

Total: 57ish miles.

On to the fun stuff:
Splash and Dash. Again.

I originally wanted to do a sprint tri that had only a 400 yard swim - in a clean pool!! But it was almost $100 to register. These increase in race prices is killing me. So, I opted for a cheaper option: 1000 meter swim in the gross Tempe town lake, followed by a 5K.

Most people do this race to train for the Ironman. I am not doing the Ironman (thank goodness!). So, I was doing this race just for fun...yes, I swam in Tempe "Toxic" Lake for fun.
And to see Shelly!

And then I got the awesomeness of seeing a bunch of my friends!

I havent done much, if any, swimming since my last triathlon, so my goal was just to enjoy myself. I had the luxery of swimming the shorter distance - only 1000 meters. My time was 18:04, which is nothing to brag about...but honestly, I dont know how I swim that fast. I spend so much time doggy paddling with my head up, fratically looking for the bouy, re-positioning myself, and choking on lake water...its amazing I move anywhere.

After the swim, I attempt to peel off my wetsuit.
That sucker doesnt want to come off! I sit down, I kick my legs, I grunt. I might have said the F word.
Finally it comes off and I dry off my feet. It's so nice to do a race where you can take your time!

Then I proceed to run out of the transition in the wrong direction.

After getting corrected, I start my run. My first mile is in 7 minutes. I feel great but I begin to wonder where my fellow athletes are. I pass two men and it finally hits me that I am in the front!

So I speed up to a 630 pace, which feels ridiculously easy and manage to pass two females (finishing 3rd). Right at the end, I pass a male - who was the overall male. This is the first time I beat all the men! Yes it was a small race since most people did the longer swim but I still get credit for beating them ALL, right?

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