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Friday, October 14, 2011


When my aunt and cousins came to visit earlier this year, they brought the babies a book about dinosaurs, and two dinosaur beenie-babies. The kids really loved it, especially Hayden.

Hayden is a late talker, but one of his first, consistent words was "saur-saur", for dinosaur. Sometimes he will say the word correctly, but for the most part, a "saur-saur" is a dinosaur. And it is always said with excitement, and a huge smile.

We've encouraged his obsession, buying him more books about dinosoaurs, and toy dinosaurs. He could play independently all day, if left alone with collection of dinosaur toys.

Last year after Halloween, I bought leftover pirate costumes for this year. But I felt badly that Hayden wasnt going to dress up as a dinosaur.

But who says that costumes can only be worn for Halloween? I found him a $10 costume on Craigslist and transformed him into his favorite animal. Photobucket

He loved it. Who wouldnt love such a cool costume?

It only made sense that Brenna wanted to be a dinosaur, too.

And then it only made sense to get a second costume. And yes, I realize that this is more of a monster costume than a dinosaur costume, but Hayden didnt seem to notice:

Yesterday we are playing outside and Brenna starts banging on the car door, screaming. This is her (very loud) way of telling me that she wants to go somewhere.

"I dont have anywhere to take you," I tell her.
But she doesn't care. She keeps banging and screaming.

Then I remember that I do have a prescription ready to be picked up at Walgreens. So I pile the dinosaurs in the car.

The screaming stops.
This is my mission in life these days - to make screaming stop.

Inside Walgreens, neither of my little dinosaurs want to walk. They both want to ride in the large basket of the cart. I allow it, in an effort to avoid a tantrum. We pick up the medication.

And then the dinosaur brawl begins.
Brenna starts hitting Hayden's Hayden.
Hayden starts screaming. He pushes her.
Brenna screams and hits him harder.
I struggle to hold the cart still and make sure that no one falls out.

"Brenna, stop it," I say.
"Hayden, relax."
" not hit him!"
"Hayden...stop screaming!"

But my words fall on deaf dinosaur ears.
So I push my cart of fighting / screaming dinosaurs straight into the liquor section.
And I buy a 1.75L of whipped cream flavor vodka.

But the vodka was on sale for $15 (it's normally $22)so this story has a happy ending!

I think we will stick to the pirate costumes for Halloween, though.

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