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Monday, January 30, 2012

Babies Race - The Report

I knew that the babies were not going to win this race, and even more so, I knew they were probably going to come in last.  I figured two things would happen to make this the case:
1) They would be the youngest kids
2) They would "hit a wall" and sit down

But none of these turned out to be the case.  There were actually lots of little tots in their age group, all accompanied by a parent's hand. In fact, I think if my kids ran the way we trained, they could have beat someone!  But really, in your first race of any new distance, it's a learning experience.  One of the joys of being a new racer, or racing a new distance, is that it is an automatic PR.

But here is a philosophical question:  Is it a PR if you manage to get yourself from Point A to Point B, receive a finisher's medal, yet did not take a single step?

Some of this was just bad timing:  the race fell promptly at lunch time and encroached on naptime.  I knew this was risky.

Some of it was just bad luck:  no one was in a good mood.  Hayden left the house with no shoes and socks, and Brenna was not exhibiting signs of excitement:

But these things are not unusual.

However, then we got to the packet pickup and both kids hated having something pinned to their shirts:


But then, like most races, the start was delayed.  And during this time, moods did not improve:

We went to the start line anyway.  What is another 5 minutes?

Can you spot us?

Just in case you are reading this on a small phone screen, I will make it easy for you:

And yes, Brenna is on the ground.  Both kids refused not only to run, but walk.

At least someone got a workout!!

For a free event, I thought this race was executed great.  All kids got a goody bag and a finisher's medal.  They even had a clock at the finish:

There were a lot of kids, and coupled with being hungry and  tired, my kids just did not cope with the environment.  But, one nice thing about a bad race is that you are guaranteed a better race next year!

And, go figure, once the race was over THEN Brenna decided she wanted to run.

I think we will leave races for the stroller for a tad longer.

Props to the babies though for being good sports.  A hectic start and pre-race jitters are hard for adults to handle -  nevermind toddlers!!

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