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Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Duathlon Training Session

It's been record highs here, but it seems to be that way every year.
The kids are adjusting.  You know its a hot, sunny day when they seek refuge at the park in a tunnel:  

I have started to transition to morning workouts. The nice thing about Arizona is that we still have plenty of beautiful mornings left.

The kids seemed happy to receive their breakfast plate in the stroller. I was worried that they would resist breaking their winter routine of watching Micky Mouse while they crunched on their cereal, but I have them well-trained: they were scrambling into the stroller before I could even get the words, "Who wants to go running?" out of my mouth.

 Their jogging stroller meal has been pretty standard for a long time. It is always: a bunch of strawberries, a bagel thin w/ cream cheese (and cauliflower puree - but sssshh, they don't know that), a split banana, freeze dried apples and pears and Cheerios/Chex. This cherished combo of food is acceptable for any meal. I think they would be satisfied eating it for every meal.

For some reason I have always preferred the morning air - it seems more crisp and fresh than afternoon air, even if its the same temperature. This will be my last summer with the kids so we are going to relish and revel in every run.
We are literally going to stop and smell the roses!

Since the duathlon is next weekend, this is my last duathlon workout. I guess the timing is good - I barely have enough time in the morning for a bike-run brick, nonetheless a run-bike-run double brick. This is partly why I chose to do this workout in the midday, despite the heat. I also think training in the heat has some benefits.

It was 92 when I started at 12:30, and 95 when I ended at 2.
* 15 minutes on trainer, ending in 3 min / 1 min / 30 second sprints (30 sec RI)
* 1.15 mile loop at 5K effort (5:53 pace)
* 18 mile bike ride (it got really windy in the middle of this)
* 1.15 mile loop, ran it in the opposite way (6:12 pace, the heat and wind were getting to me)
* 1 min easy / 1 min sprint on trainer  x 5
* 2 min / 1 min / 30 second sprints back outside (30 sec RI). The wind was gone and I finished strong in the 5:40s. I drank coconut water throughout the workout and I think that helped. It was on clearance at GNC for just .33 cents a bottle!

This ends the duathlon season.  I wish there were more races - it would solve my swimming issues.

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