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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jogging Stroller Sessions #5 and #6

#5) Tuesday - Speedwork (7 miles)...double ladder

ladder 1 (one-ish minute recoveries)
800 (3:25)
400 x 4 (1:40-1:43)
800 (3:20)
*short recovery*
ladder 2
1 min/45 sec/30 sec/20 sec/20 sec/30 sec/45 sec/1 min

While the paces were OK, my legs felt tired. I did a long run (13.2 miles/1 hr 50 minutes) on Sunday and then a pretty hilly 7 mile trail run on Monday. My legs were due for a break.

I took one Wednesday and cycled instead ( 23 miles @19.4 mph).

#6) Thursday - Tempo run..... 7.6 miles - with 5.2 miles at tempo pace (7:06). I did have to stop three times for about 20 seconds to refill the snack bowls. I forgot their blankets today so they needed extra snacks. They go through a lot of cheerios when we run but only about half the cheerios make it into their stomach, as you can see:

I am very pleased with a stroller tempo pace of 7:06! That is around 15 seconds faster per mile than our tempo pace last week. While I would like to attribute it to my awesomeness, it could have been the route - I do believe today's route was more flat. We drove to Kiwanis park in Tempe.

I wanted the kids to play at this park so that they could swing in these neat swings:

Brenna really liked the swings - she wanted to swing almost the entire time.

Hayden was more in the mood to climb:

Luckily, there was nothing really high for him to climb so he was able to play while I pushed Brenna in the swing. Going to the park is never easy, but it's always a lot of fun.

They also did some sliding:

Yes, I realize that Brenna is exposing some skin, but if anyone can pull it off, its her!

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